All That Glitters is Gold

IMG_9560Ok, this is a post full of many firsts.  First time trying an eye look with tape, first time attempting to draw out my crease, first time posting online with absolutely no make up on in almost all of the pictures!!  I didn’t actually know how this look would turn out, but I am so happy with it and will definitely be doing it again.

Some things to remember before starting:

1.  Stick and re-stick the tape to the back of your hand a few times to take the majority of the stickiness off.  Your eye area is extremely delicate and you don’t want any unnecessary tugging at the skin.

2.  Everyone’s eye shape is different, so adjust accordingly.

3.  Get crazy creative!

IMG_9571IMG_9572These are the palettes and colours that I used for this look.  From the tarte palette I used the gold and highlight shades for the center of my eye lid, and the blush and bronzer on my face.  The rest of the eye was the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows in D552 (middle) and I606 (right).

After removing some of the stickiness from the tape, carefully place it at the outer edge of your eye, like an extension of your lower lash line.   IMG_9544Using a fluffy crease brush, apply eye shadow along your lash line and up the side of the tape into the outer V area of your eye.  **the brush shown was not the brush I used to apply the shadow, I apparently forgot to take a picture with that one.IMG_9545Using a more precise liner brush (shown) or a pencil brush, carefully draw a soft line where your crease is, or where you want your crease to be.  Be sure to connect the shadow from the previous step with the line and also to follow the shape of your eye.IMG_9548Softly blend out the harsh lines.  Repeat these two steps as many times as you like until you get the desired effect. IMG_9549Apply a lighter colour in the centre of your eye, all the way to the inner corner. IMG_9550Darken the outer V to smoke it out a bit more. IMG_9551Apply a gold shadow to the centre of your lid (for extra holiday effect!)IMG_9553Line your eyes with your favourite liner.  (This isn’t my favourite liner but I thought it would be easier to apply than a gel and a brush…which it wasn’t).IMG_9555Be sure to follow the same line of the tape like you did with the shadow, winging it up as much or as little as you like.  Remove the tape and clean up any fall out you may have underneath your eye.  IMG_9556

IMG_9557Apply foundation.  And concealer, blush, bronzer, eye brows, highlight and whatever else tickles your fancy.IMG_9558 Voila!  A crisp, winged line, the illusion of a crease and a pretty fab look for your next holiday party. IMG_9559 IMG_9567I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed making it up.  I definitely want to try this out again, maybe with some crazy colours, or even a darker crease line!

Thanks for reading!

xx Kristen